Screen Protector for Switch


  • KIWIHOME offers a screen protector for the Nintendo Switch, designed for the normal Switch (not OLED).
  • The protector features a 2.5D curved edge cut to ensure that all functions of the Switch are not affected, and it fits perfectly to the Switch display.
  • The protector is transparent and clear, with 99.99% transparency to provide a wonderful viewing experience.
  • The tempered glass protector is scratch-resistant, with a hardness of 9H, and will protect the Switch from potential damages such as scratches, dust, and accidental drops.
  • The protector is easy to install and comes with an installation tray and thumb grip caps.
  • The cat paw design adds flavor and vitality to your games and makes your Switch more attractive.
  • The package includes 2 screen protectors, 2 joystick caps, an easy installation tray, and a cleaning cloth.