Charger Dock Station for Switch


  • The Case Friendly Switch TV Docking Station is a versatile and convenient dock that is compatible with all Switch protective cases that are 0.2cm thick or less. It eliminates the need to remove the protective case before docking the Switch console, and it does not squeeze or damage the protective shell like the official dock does.
  • This Switch TV dock allows you to play your favorite games while charging your console at the same time. It replaces your original Switch dock and connects to your TV or projector using an HDMI cable, allowing you to play on a larger screen. The dock features a button for TV and dock mode, and one-touch display switching (Convert button on the front) allows you to switch freely between the host and TV display interface. The dock supports 4K HD display and uses an HDMI 2.0A version output scheme to make the game screen clearer.
  • The portable and lightweight design of the dock makes it easy to carry in a pocket, Switch case, or travel bag. It features a unique metal shell that dissipates heat better than plastic, making it more durable and exquisite in appearance. The dock also has a non-slip base design that prevents it from sliding around or falling over by accident.
  • The dock is made of high-quality aluminum and has built-in smart original chip protection that includes Short-circuit Protection, Over Power Protection, and Overheating Protection. You do not have to worry about overheating during charging or gaming. It is recommended to use the original AC adapter for the best performance. The LED light display indicates TV mode when the blue light is on and is not lit for Switch game console mode.