Cooling Fan for PS5 with LED Light


  • PS5 Cooling Fan: This upgraded PS5 cooling fan is designed to push air out of the console and prevent overheating, with 3 improved turbo fans to keep your PS5 Digital Edition and PS5 Ultra HD game consoles running smoothly and quietly.
  • It comes with an elastic lock for easy installation and can be used in both vertical and horizontal orientations.
  • Plus, it has an extra USB port for charging controllers or connecting more USB devices. The fan is easy to use, simply buckle it onto the console and plug it into the USB port.

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Joel Vargas Ortiz

Cooling Fan for PS5 with LED Light

Andreas Kalergis

This stand is a must for PS5 users and I’m fully recommending it to other gamers.


J'ai mis le ventilateur quand il faisait chaud. Déjà, on sent que ça fait du froid, donc ça fonctionne. La position 2 fait trop de bruit pour moi. C'est une bonne idée d'avoir replacé l'USB.
Le Blog Geek


The PS5 Cooling fan is a must-have for everyone, in my opinion, given the fact that the PS5 doesn't have a proper exhaust fan. I have just installed it, and it immediately started blowing out warm air, a sign that it does it's job well.

It is made from nice quality plastics, not cheap to the touch, and the color scheme (if you opt out for the white one) blends excellently with the console itself. The blue LEDs are a nice touch and they function as an indicator for the speed of the fans, as well.

Now, about the noise. Keep in mind, i keep the fans at full blast. Personally, i do not mind it. If it runs in a room with some backround noise, like if one lives in a city and the window is open, it blends in well with the backround noise. However, if the console runs in a quiet room, you will hear it, no doubt. Not enough to interfere with the game or movie/tv show that it's playing, though.

Also, i am pleased with Kiwihome, as well. Everything went butter smooth. I received the fan in less than 2 weeks, shipped to Romania.

Fixed the issue

The fan attaches to the ps5 by the vent area. I am the mother of a child that needed this I guess cuz the system kept shutting off randomly. This has helped a lot and I haven’t heard anything since. It has been a couple months with it and still no shutting off.