Cooling Fan for PS5 with LED Light


  • PS5 Cooling Fan: This upgraded PS5 cooling fan is designed to push air out of the console and prevent overheating, with 3 improved turbo fans to keep your PS5 Digital Edition and PS5 Ultra HD game consoles running smoothly and quietly.
  • It comes with an elastic lock for easy installation and can be used in both vertical and horizontal orientations.
  • Plus, it has an extra USB port for charging controllers or connecting more USB devices. The fan is easy to use, simply buckle it onto the console and plug it into the USB port.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Fixed the issue

The fan attaches to the ps5 by the vent area. I am the mother of a child that needed this I guess cuz the system kept shutting off randomly. This has helped a lot and I haven’t heard anything since. It has been a couple months with it and still no shutting off.

Wayne CW Young

At first no noise. After about a week, very loud. Started to not use but around a minute later, got very quiet. Does it every time I start, very loud, then quiet. I still give it a high rating because it moves a lot of heat. Wondering has anyone else run across this? Yes, continue to use, works great.

Scorpion daddy
Very effective

Very convenient three fans that light up with blue LEDs and clips, right into the back of the PlayStation definitely helps cool it down and blows the hot air away from the PlayStation it has 2 settings, low and high and works quite well. Don’t expect it to be quiet. It doesn’t bother me as it might others but with my volume on or headset I can’t hear it. All in all great product. For a good value.

Justin Hinds

So I’ve had this product now for about two weeks and I can definitely attest to it keeping my PS five a lot cooler. So prior to getting this, I had actually bought a cooling fan that sits underneath the PlayStation and the fan comes and pushes the air up from underneath the PlayStation, and even with that original cooling system the back of my PlayStation five was getting very very very hot. The hot air that was coming from the police station and the police station in the back was extremely hot to the touch. So I knew that that original cooling fan was doing some thing, but it wasn’t doing everything that I needed so that’s why I decided to buy this. after plugging this in and using it even just one time I put my hand on the back of the PlayStation five and it was completely cool to the touch. It also looks really cool because the three blue circles so it has a nice aesthetic touch to it. I would highly recommend this.