KIWIHOME is one of the gaming accessories brands under Shenzhen Red Arrow Technology Co., Ltd. that integrates research and development, design, production, and sales. Founded in 2019 by a team of console gaming enthusiasts with a vision to create a better gaming experience. Recognizing that the gaming accessories industry was still with significant room for improvement in terms of quality and user experience, we decided to take matters into our own hands and find solutions for gamers.

With the support of gaming enthusiasts and users, KIWIHOME continued to grow and evolve. In 2021, we began to develop an RGB cooling stand for the PlayStation 5. In 2022, we updated its functions and materials to meet more user needs and improve the user experience. Throughout the years, KIWIHOME has maintained its commitment to design and quality, constantly seeking to create the best possible experience for gamers.

At KIWIHOME, we re-think, re-energize, and re-engineer products. Our core philosophy begins and ends with "Make Life Easier." One of the key factors for KIWIHOME's success is our commitment to simplicity as the ultimate form of the product, so the brand positioning is also simple, attractive, and easy to use. For example, when developing the RGB stand for PS5, our team tested more than 15 different materials to ensure it looked and felt similar to the PS5, but still featured KIWI's own design style. This commitment to quality and design has earned KIWIHOME a reputation as a trusted brand in the gaming industry, and that sets them apart from the competition.

We believe that console games will continue to surprise, help many people, and innovate the social sector as well as education, fitness, etc. The team is committed to working with gaming enthusiasts and users to explore the limitless possibilities of this emerging world. We welcome feedback and new ideas and are always looking for opportunities to create something amazing together.

In conclusion, KIWIHOME's journey in the console gaming industry is a testament to the power of collaboration an d commitment. From humble beginnings to its current status as a brand of some renown, KIWIHOME has come a long way, and we're not done yet. If you're a gaming enthusiast who wants to explore new possibilities and make a difference, KIWIHOME is the perfect partner to have by your side.