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About us

KIWIHOME is a consumer electronics brand under Shenzhen Red Arrow Technology Co., Ltd. that integrates research and development, design, production and sales. Customer satisfaction is what KIWIHOME has always pursued. We began in 2017 with a team of Switch and PS players who believed they will create a greater world and bring much imagination into the future. However, a lot of accessories were completely new and far from being perfect. Many products around Switch and PlayStations have not even been invented yet. A lot of players' needs have not been discovered. Quality was also far from acceptable.

At KIWIHOME, we re-think, re-energize and re-engineer products. We're constantly questioning functionality, form and design. Our core philosophy begins and ends with "Think deeper, Make it Better".

We are passionate about products we design and create, and we truly believe that our distinctive design and premium quality are the perfect ingredients for timeless.

As there were no ready-made solutions, we have decided to seek solutions ourselves or refine those already existing.

In the process of development, many game enthusiasts paid attention to us and supported us, continued to provide feedback, and make suggestions.

We sincerely appreciate all our users, they are important on the road of KIWI HOME's growth and success. One of our users has said: "I have watched KIWI grow from an acorn over a few years in the game accessories arena, from their first simple but effective early designs to their carefully designed and well thought out products over the last year."

In some sense, it is not that we alone created KIWIHOME, but the brand itself has slowly grown up with its users. We are very happy that our users like it, and their support drives KIWI design to go even further. With this, we refine products over and over again.

We believe that console games will continue to provide more surprises, help a lot of people, innovate the social as well as the education, the medical, the fitness, etc. We, along with many games enthusiasts like you, have a chance to engage, participate and create something together, which makes for a really happy experience.

Welcome to being a partner and to exploring an emerging world. If you have new ideas or suggestions, please feel free to communicate with us, and we will surely work on new ideas together!