When we reflect on the past years of KIWIHOME's rapid growth, we must express our genuine gratitude to our clients since, in a way, it is only because of you that we have come this far. In the meantime, there are still many things that need improvement, and we hope that our customers can collaborate with us to find solutions and develop strategies for how KIWIHOME can have a more significant influence on the development of electronics.

Your ideas are the most direct request we receive, so we sincerely hope you will continue to share them with us. The team has loved seeing pictures and videos of where you’re using it, how you’re using it. For example, what kinds of products would you like to see KIWIHOME produce in the future? User experience and personal aesthetics play a crucial role in the design inspiration of our products. What aspects of the current KIWIHOME products do you believe need to be improved?
Enter our call for entries by writing down your thoughts and uploading images or videos that reflect your aesthetic to social media platforms.

1.Real social media account
2.Products must show on post, display KIWIHOME's logo (no other brand's logo), clear and beautiful picture/video.
Note: Data will be counted once every 14 days          
Content restrictions: positive intent, self-defined topics, no bad orientation or restricted content

According to the likes:
100-500 likes - $10 USD coupon
500-1,000 likes - $20 USD coupon
1,000-3,000 likes - $30 USD coupon
3,000+ likes - $50 USD coupon
5,000+ likes/ 10 posts accumulated 5,000+likes: join angel users, new product test qualification,exclusive customer service.

500-1,000 views -$5 USD coupon
1,000-2,000 views -$10 USD coupon
2,000-5,000 view -$30 USD coupon
5,000-10,000 views -$50 USD coupon
100,000+ views/ 10 post cumulative display: 50,000+ views: join angel users, new product test qualification, exclusive customer service.

How to participate? Post the content with our products’ videos/images to social media platforms(Facebook/INS/YouTube/Twitter/TikTok), send link and the original material to our staff email (support@kiwihome.shop), authorize us to use the original material.