Cooling Stand Compatiable with PS5


  • Introducing the All-In-One Cooling Stand with RGB for PS5, designed for both the PS5 Disc & Digital Editions. It offers a comprehensive set of features:

    • Dual built-in suction cooler fans with 3 adjustable speeds to prevent overheating during extended gaming sessions.
    • Dual controller charger stations with LED indicators for your PS5 controllers.
    • 8 captivating RGB lighting modes, including 7 breathing modes and a multicolor cycle mode, creating a unique gaming atmosphere.
    • 10 game trays for easy storage and access.
    • 3 USB 2.0 ports for connecting additional devices.
    • 2 convenient setting buttons to customize lighting and fan speed.
    • Fold-in design for compact storage.
    • Dual controller charging with magnetic dongles, eliminating tangled charging cables.
    • LED indicators for controller charging status (Orange: Charging, Green: Fully Charged/Standby).
    • Comprehensive protection features against overcharging, overheating, overvoltage, and short circuits.
    • Safety screw to secure your console in a standing position.

    This cooling stand enhances your gaming experience, keeps your console cool, organized, and ready to go. It's a fantastic gift option for PS5 enthusiasts. Please note that the Back Piece (Cooling Fan for PS5) is not included.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    James y.

    very nice looking fits well, I dont not like the controller charging seems easily broken and hard to use

    Joshua Epps
    Great multi device

    The color and finish match my PS5 which is awesome, but then you add the fan, led lights, extra usb slots, controller plugs x2, and even a game storage area. This stand has made my gaming space so much more organized and pleasing to look at. It is sturdy and functional!


    Not only is it pleasing to the eye it looks very futuristic like the PS five but it also does the job It keeps your ps5 nice and cool and the available space for discs and being able to charge your controllers is a nice addition and when you turn off the PS five, it automatically shuts off as well and it turns on when you turn on the PS five , so you can’t go wrong with this item.

    Trevor Nelson
    Matches my PS5 Perfectly

    Nice and sturdy and colour matched my PS5 perfectly simple set up, particularly like the flashing LEDs and colour range. Charging points for hand controllers. Pity about no headset charging but no big deal as headset sits it’s perfectly on top of the PS5 (see picture) Also stores games but I’m unlikely to use this feature.

    Sadly since writing the above review the unit has failed not charging the controllers and is being returned after only a few weeks of use.

    lights are not memory saved for off

    I bought this for two reasons:
    1. the cooling fans to help the console stay a little cooler.
    2. The way it looks, its nice, clean, sleek, and not bulky like all other brands.

    I dont care much for the RGB lights, so when I turn them off then play for a bit then turn off the console for the night and turn it on the next day, the lights come back on so I assume the lights do NOT have a "keep off" memory feature which is annoying when you are already comfy in bed and decide you want to watch a movie and dont want to get back up to turn the light off. So that being said, when you are in a dark room the breathing effect is very annoying and distracting either while watching a movie or playing a game.

    Unfortunately if one doesn't want the light they will have to take it apart and disable the lights. which I will probably do this weekend

    Other then the annoying lights not staying off and not having a white light to match the ps5 light. I like everything about it. I dont use the trays either, so I may modify them to allow even more space for exhausting air to flow out.