This is a beautiful case! I was a bit surprised when opening the box to see it, because it looked so sleek. I half expected it not to fit, but it snapped on easily and feels very secure. It doesn't creak or rattle in the hands at all, and it really has a great look to it. With the case on, you have access to the kickstand (which was a pleasant surprise). I picked up the smoky grey and it can easily be played with disconnected joycons or a controller through the cover. With the case open, the lid feels secure enough that it isn't going to snap off in a strong gust. The grip extension feels good, and the entire Switch with the case on and lid down fit easily into the dock. I have a first and second gen Switch, and my first generation has scratches on the screen from docking it. I wish I would have had this before. My packaging included 2 screen protectors (happy accident?), cool little pawprint thumbstick caps, and some cleaning pads. The price alone is a great reason to buy it, but it's a real value. I'll pick some up for friends as a last minute Christmas present.

I didn't even know I needed this until I found it. I'll usually take my Switch with me to hotels but I don't want to drag the whole dock and disconnect all of my cables every time I leave with it. This is literally perfect for travel. It's a full-functioning HD dock that is as small as the wall outlet. I'm extremely pleased with the fact I don't have to lay in bed playing in handheld mode with a full-sized tv staring me in the face; and the fact that I can do it for the same price it would cost me to get a case that fit my dock in it, also... this was a bargain. 10/10

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