Ever wanted to dock your switch at a friend’s house or on a vacay, but you didn’t bring your whole setup?

Well, kiwihome has an amazing adapter for the switch that’s pocket sized and ideal for docking your console anywhere.

I was so excited when it arrived this week, because I love knowing that I could easily play my games on the big screen wherever I go.

Make sure to check out kiwihome for this accessory and others. This would make an excellent gift for any gamer in your family.

ImageDescription: Slide 1: Kelsey’s desk features a monitor stand, knickknacks, journals, and a green mechanical keyboard. On the screen, the Nintendo Switch homescreen is featured. Kelsey’s cream colored switch is sitting to the left of her keyboard and is plugged into a travel adapter. Slide 2: A wooden background features a bottle brush, flocked Christmas tree decoration, pine cones, a warm toned faux oil lamp and a blue and white box that says “kiwi home game Switch Dock” on it.]
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